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Hi,  Just to say that i was very pleased with the speed and efficiency of your service.  and I am pleased with the goods I ordered.

Many thanks,

-Debbie Murrells



Dear Used Handhelds,

THANK YOU, for sending exactly the right thing and getting it here when you said it would be at my home. Your efforts kept me from losing the master copy of ALL my 200+ internet, etal passwords. I have been doing business with you since the first HP100 was introduced and you have NEVER failed to come through. Thank you

Best Regards!
Steve Whitaker 


I found UsedHandhelds.com via search after I accidentally dropped my beloved HP 200LX on the floor cracking the screen.  I submitted a quote request and received a reply within 24 hours on the weekend!  Thaddeus and team were very professional and helpful, offering to repair my LX screen or to purchase the damaged unit.  I elected to just sell it so it could be put to better use (parts or repair) by someone else.  I shipped my unit on Saturday, it arrived there Monday, and they dispatched payment that Friday!  I was very satisfied with the process.  Good company.  Good people.

-Dan O'Brien, daniel.obrien@yahoo.com


I just sold my Thrive tablet to usedhandhelds.com, and it was a very simple process. After agreeing on a price, I shipped the items. A few days later, within two hours of being notified that the shipment had been received, I had an e-mail stating the payment had been placed in my PayPal account. I recommend this company as they were easy to work with and honest in their dealings.  

-P Boyle



Thank you so much for accepting all of my HP palmtops, accessories, and manuals.  I appreciated your prompt service and answers to my questions.  I would highly recommend your company for others who would like to deal with used HP products.

-Skip Hubbs


Ordered HP Jordana 720 Handheld.  This PC is part of an old measuring system used by field techs.  The one they were using finally gave out.  Found usedhandhelds prices ½ to 1/3 of what others are asking.  Expected a used device obviously, but this one looks Brand New.  And not only did I receive an adapter and new battery, also included was a docking station with USB cable and replacement backup battery.  Bonus!  I expect to order another just to keep as a backup for the one just purchased.  Thank You.




I like this site to buy (or sell) used mobile devices because, in my experience, you get great quality when you buy, and a great price when you sell. It is nice to come on here and see what you could sell you phone for and get another one. I am happy with the customer service I received.



I like using handhelds for working lunches, meetings, road trips, and other times a smaller, more convenient handheld is handy. I like this site to get used handhelds for the office because they are in good shape and good brands. The prices are good too. I am very happy with this one and the usage I am getting out of it. 




Hi Eduardo,

Several years ago I sent my cherished HP LX 200 palm for a sevice to Fairfield USA from Sydney Australia. It still works and is the best computer I ever owned - before iphone. Thanks for your service all those years ago.



Dr John F Williams



I would like to thank UsedHandhelds.com for their purchase of old PDAs.  In less than half of a day we made a no hassle deal.  The quickness and ease of the deal is the reason UsedHandHeld.com will be my first choice with future electronics.  Thanks again!



When I was looking for an HP-Compaq TC1100 convertible tablet, I immediately headed to Used Handhelds.  I’ve been doing business with Used Handhelds for a number of years and find them to be professional, reliable, providing outstanding products they refurbish for resale and behind which they stand.  Customer service is outstanding and they are my “go-to” for discontinued “legacy” computing products and handhelds.

Thank you UsedHandhelds.com for another wonderful device.



I am delighted to take this moment to thank you so very much for the 6MB card for my 95LX.  It works perfectly.  I transferred all my data from my 2MB card over without a hitch.  Finding these bigger cards can be a challenge.  You have helped me to the MAX!
Thank you.
Copy to my friend Michael DeCamp who has recommended you for many years.



The PalmTop arrived while I was still at work in Louisiana and I've only now been able to set it up.

Everything appears to be funtioning perfectly.

I want to thank you very much for all your time and effort in this matter.  I greatly appreciate it.  And while I'm hoping not to have problems requiring repairs any time soon, it is a pleasure to do business with you.




I have received the palmtops today. Great service once again! Thanks a lot.


Thanks for the magazine..



Thank you for your exceptional service over the years. I sure appreciate dealing with people like Thaddeus.

Thanks again



I have received the pack and the Invoice. It´s all ok, I am very satisfied.
I hope to do new businesses with you soon
Thank you very much



I'm "preaching to the choir;" so I'll keep this short.

Just had some minor repair work done at Thaddeus and my LX was back so fast it made my head spin!

Great job guys! I figure, public accolade is the least I could do ;-)


PS. Trad. disclaimer: Not affil., just a happy customer.


I have just received two refurbrished 8MB doublespeed 200LX in good working order.

It's 14:30 JST (0:30 CDT) on October 7, 2002.  What a service!  Thank you very much!



I wanted to let you know I got my order (1201277515-762) and the machine is great. Every thing was there the unit looked new and it runs beautifully. It was exactly what I was looking for at a reasonable price and I like the fact im dealing with a reputable company that stands behind what they sell (as apposed to some e-bay fiascoes I and others I know have had) So thank you for that..

I love the unit and if some one was to ask me if I recommend Usedhandhelds.com for purchases I would still recommend you. (I have purchased stuff for my 200LX in the past and it was exactly as advertised and what I wanted). 




I am so grateful that your company exists. You are a great resource for information and accessories for my MP900C